How To Benefit From Moderate Sunshine – Vitamin D


Sunshine is the only source of natural energy for every living thing upon this Earth. All life – plant or animal, in the water or on the land, needs the energy of the sun.

Our bodies are a part of life and also need this energy. The sun supplies our bodies with a number of valuable nutritional elements in the form of vitamins. Evidence points out that emotional happiness is linked to sunlight.

Unfortunately, these days people are mis-informed about avoiding the midday sun and that they need to use sunscreens and cover up. This is a recipe for disaster and can give you cancer rather than Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for bone health and can protect against colds. “If you’re going to get it from the sun, about 20-25 minutes of exposure is helpful”, says Stephen Honig, MD, director of the Osteoporosis Center at the Hospital for Joint Diseases, in New York City.

People who are deprived of sunlight are more depressed than those who do not. It has been proven that the amount of sun you received (through your eyes) determines how well you sleep at night. Those people who have adopted the unnatural lifestyle of staying up all night (and those on computers for hours on end), and sleeping during the day will not sleep as soundly (or benefit from sleep as much) as those who keep a more natural routine Sunshine Organics.

It may be claimed it’s harmful to be outside due to pollution, however, our homes are often less ideal with formaldahyde, etc. than the outdoors. If we are around nature and under the blue sky we can enjoy the rays so long as we do not get sunburn.

By eating a healthy organic diet with ‘rocket fuel’ smoothies, grounding yourself with shoes off, and having a strong immune system it’s unlikely you will get cancer as the fearmongers would have us believe. It’s good to expose your upper body and legs at least several times each week.

Fatty fish can also be a good source of vitamin D. Common options include: sockeye salmon, trout, mackerel, and eel. Buy at your local organic market since some supermarkets have been known to add red dye to their salmon! You also get a bonus with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids!

Interestingly, the Hunza’s, who live to well over 100 years, get daily, moderate amounts of sunshine and yet they don’t get the dis-eases of western society.

Have the best day ever.

My name is Anne. I am currently 66 years of age, however, my biological age is just 28 years. I aspire to live a long and heathy life free of disease and to keep reversing my biological age. I eat only organic and raw products which include a good number of superfoods, superherbs and superfruits.

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